Parents Talk

Life of my son Mast. Harsh Malu has been completely changed after I got his admission done in Sanjay Ghodawat international School. 2 years back in 2012, he set out his foot towards success participating in the Harvard Model United Nations Conference 2012 at Hyderabad. He even represented the school at various other competitions. I would like to thank the principal Mrs. Sasmita Mohanty and her staff who have given a new life to my son. Today wherever I go along with my son or alone even, I feel proud to say SGI has build future of my child.

I used to worry a lot about his future as I was always tensed whether he'll be an engineers, a doctor or artist but today SGI has helped him to decide his future and he's began his preparation to be the future designer, and the future visionary.

The facilities & environment that SGI provides is incredible. Now I feel what the chairmen as well as the management says is very true.

"Conquer the world with SGI……."

Mrs. Annapurna Manoj Kumar Malu
(Mother of Master Harsh Malu)

This school has provided many opportunities to my son Nimit. An extraordinary exposure to the outside world. This exposure helped him a lot. It taught him how to communicate with other students from far off places. It made him much more bold, confident, energetic. This school is the platform for my son which launched his success rocket and which is still continuing. The school is not only concerned about students life till 10th class but even for their future studies. They organised aptitude tests and made students clear from all the confusions they faced regarding their future.

This school takes a lot of pain for students academic improvement. The teachers are extremely friendly, understanding and caring. Just one thing that I would like to suggest is that participation in sports should be more. I as a parent is very happy and thanks SGI to make my son so successful and popular. I am proud of him. I believe this success has come to my school due the charismatic, energetic, and passionate principal Mohanty Ma'am. Thank You Ma'am. Having such a school in Kolhapur was never expected form the the parents from this locality. Here I am completely assured that the students future is very bright.

Mrs. Vibha Sunil Patni
(Mother of Master Nimit Patni)