Our Teachers

The excellent staff at SGI receives training from various resource persons and has long experience of teaching in academically rigorous well reputed school of the country.

The school hosts various training programmes to update the teachers about the CBSE curriculum. Professional training weeks are held prior to and at the end of each academic year, during which all teachers review and develop their teaching practice under the guidance of the Principal and senior staff.

The exceptional staff at SGIS undergoes regular Educational training session conducted by diverse resource personalities and brings with them extensive teaching experience from reputable schools across the country. The school organizes various training programs to ensure that teachers are well-versed in the curriculum they impart teaching service

Before the commencement of every academic year and before the end dedicated professional training weeks are held, providing teachers with an opportunity to enhance their teaching practices under the guidance of the Principal and the senior staff. This commitment to continuous development guarantees that SGIS educators remain up-to-date and strive for excellence in their teaching methodologies.