Photography Club

"I Wish more people felt that photography was an adventure the same as life itself and felt that their individual feelings were worth expressing,
To me, that makes photography more exciting."
Harry Callahan

Callahan Photography is a part of the lives of hundreds of millions of people around the globe. The widespread availability and ease of owning a camera is a product of the digital age and we all so fortunate for it. Whether you have a simple point and shoot to capture family moments and day to day ramblings or a multi- thousand dollar medium format with a digital back for large production advertising, photography touches all of us.

Photography club was started in the school this academic year and our presence is felt everywhere as we were always ready with our cameras to capture the best of the moments of SGI and even outside the school. There are thirty five active members in the photography club. Every Saturday we come with new ideas and experiment different photography styles and gain technical knowledge about the cameras.

We have conducted sessions on nature photography, water drop photography, capturing events, portraits, Mansoon photography, etc. A session on Handling SLR Camera was conducted with a professional photographer.

A camera allows us to preserve memories far past when they might have slipped our mind. It helps us to pass those memories into the hands of future generations. Our photos are little legacies of the life we have led. We have an array of plans for the next season.....