Department of Physics

There is a philosophy that says that if something is unobservable -- unobservable in principle -- it is not part of science. If there is no way to falsify or confirm a hypothesis, it belongs to the realm of metaphysical speculation, together with astrology and spiritualism. By that standard, most of the universe has no scientific reality -- it's just a figment of our imaginations." - Leonard Susskind,

Physics, a branch of science, helps mankind disclose the mysteries of the world and life. In modern world, this branch of science leads the creative developments in science such as space mission, mystery behind the black hole, god's article, etc.

At Sanjay Ghodawat International School, we have a proficient team of teachers in the Faculty of Physics. We always put our best scientific efforts to the enrichment and to the bloom of outstanding skills of the students. Our students displayed their innovating skills in ' finding out electricity from various fruits and vegetables'; in a comparative study - 'the amount of energy produced by various fruits and vegetables' and also in 'water level indicator which helps to indicate the water level of dam ,water tanks, etc' , at a science exhibition held at Nagpur recently.

We have a holistic pedagogical dimension across the smart classes, laboratories and PowerPoint presentations, which helps students to comprehend the concepts very easily.

The Faculty is taking better steps for inculcating the scientific interest among the learner community.