Department of Chemistry

Chemistry is the study of the way materials are put together and their behaviour under varied conditions. This science, more than any other, involves all of one's senses: seeing, hearing, tasting, feeling, and smelling. It is a springboard in to other scientific fields.

The history of Chemistry essentially started with the alchemists who tried in vain to transform everything imaginable into gold. All of their efforts to produce gold failed. These so-called "mad chemists" are the forefathers of experimentation. They spent time studying the problem, designed innumerable experiments and unlike other scientists of their days, they actually experimented. Special equipment was not available for them to order through science catalogues. They designed and made all of the needed flasks and beakers. Some of these designs, in modified form, are still used today in our modern chemistry laboratories.

These chemists of the past were the first to use what is now described as the scientific method a logical approach to the solution of a problem through experimentation. Even today, just the mention of the word chemistry too often conjures up the image of a "mad scientist" hovering over strange bubbling flasks. Unfortunately, explosions, danger, and flesh-eating acids are associated with chemistry.

Even with our vast knowledge of chemistry, there is still so much to be learned and discovered. There are many opportunities in the field of Chemistry for a person with an inquisitive mind and a spirit of adventure. Much is yet to be learned, but great fun and excitement is in store for the beginning scientist in discovering the Chemistry secrets that have already been unlocked.

Here we, the Faculty of Chemistry at SGI, encourage our students towards innovating skills and applications in industrial chemistry, bio chemistry and many more across its specialized studies. Our learners are always taught how to learn- an outcome based education.