Robotics Club

When thinking brings the ideas into actions there begins productive outcome .....

SGI, a right place to shape the child to face the 21 st century challenges. This year we decided to begin with 'ROBOTICS CLUB 'to emulate 100% genius of the child utilizing the resources available. We have collaboration with 'THINKLABS TECHNOSOLUTIONS PVT. LTD. ,MUMBAI'. Before we begin Robotics Club seven of our teachers from Maths and Science Department underwent training session for seven days

Teaching robotics to young minds is a very good introduction into Science and Technology. Not only do they learn to design and construct a robot, but also they get a more complete idea what is required for an organism to act that they can test their skills in games like Dance, Rescue and Soccer in the real world How do we do it ?

Robotics mixes the creativity and curiosity of young students with the hands-on education aspects of Science and Technology. With focus on Robot building and Science based activities, our learning methodology takes up innovative and challenging ideas and converts them into solutions in the form of working robots

Highlights of our pedagogy :

  • Develops scientific temperament and strengthens curricular concepts.
  • Nurtures creativity and innovation
  • Develops logical and analytical thinking
  • Improves observational skills
  • Builds confidence and motivation

Provides Joyful and Meaningful Learning Experience Thus catering for activity based learning and enjoyment based learning through using applications of Maths and Science.