Book Review Club

"You are never alone when you are reading a book". We, the SGI'ns began with a club called BOOK REVIEW. It is our intention to open the vistas of knowledge for students. Our objectives are.....

  • To develop interest among the students to read books and critically examine.
  • To make children select a work or story book of their own interest.
  • Teach students to think critically about read story by raising doubts like - Why, When, Where and How.

Students had keen interest in it. They loved to read the books of their interest.

Variety of books were read during the Hobby Club like

  • The Mouse Island
  • Cherry Blossom Island
  • Arabian Nights
  • Three Men In A Boat
  • Gulliver's Travels

Children learn how to think critically about the action, place, time and the role ofthe character in the story. Thus, Book Review Club enjoys the different stories written by the different authors and has been successful in using correct usage of the language into the day to day life.