Annual Cultural Extravaganza 2022-23
Secondary Section

Sanjay Ghodawat International School CBSE Day-Boarding Secondary Section (classes VI-IX) staged the classic Hindu epic Ramayana with all the reverence and grandeur it deserves for its red-letter event of a calendar year – Annual Day Meet. The main aim of School was to inculcate the priceless principles of our mythology in the minds and hearts of the students breaking free from the vice-like stranglehold created by Bollywood in the current young generation. Praised by the parents for the earnest efforts taken by School, the Annual Day bash of the session 2022-23 was an event steeped in history. The real success lay in the fact that the pupils understood the true essence of our culture and learnt the invaluable lessons inherent in Ramayana. Thank you , dear parents, for your wholehearted support in our honest endeavor of transforming our students’ lives drop by drop. Jai Shree Ram!