Department of Biology

To enhance the interest of the students, to help them learn the Science more inquisitively, it is branched out under three heads as Physics, Chemistry and Biology. We, the Dept. of Biology unanimously split the syllabi for all the classes for various examinations in the beginning of the academic year. It was told to all the teachers to prepare their own notes by using the wide range of reference books available in school library before they actually begin their teaching in respective classes. This facilitates the confidence of the subject teacher and helps them to plan for various activities which would reinforce the subject knowledge.

All Biology teachers are well verse with the teaching skills and are very innovative in their teaching methodologies. The classes of the subject teachers were observed frequently and remarkable observations were appreciated as well as suggestions for the improvement were discussed along with the concerned subject teachers. The communication between the co-teachers are enhanced by arranging Departmental meetings periodically.

All the members of Biology Department works together in one line to make the Department objectives very clear through the effective implementation of the instruction given under the guidance of School Principal Mrs. Sasmita Mohanty, the Mentor and the constant source of Inspiration.